Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Well now...

This is just hurtful. Truly.

Have we honestly drifted so far from each other that you wouldn't recognize your old friend / teacher / what-have-you when you see them, Shooter? Hear them? Has death really parted us that much so? Or have I simply changed that much...? I suppose we have both changed. Neither of us being "us" all that much anymore. It's a shame, really. You know how I always saw Humanity as a strength, not a weakness.

Though I'm not exactly sure.

I think I'm human.

But I know my body was burnt.



Heh. My apologies. Really, I suppose its unwise to mock the power of a Fear. Plague's Will over me is unquestionable. I... vaguely recall bits and pieces of my stay at the Castle. Pulling my own skin from my flesh in a rotted oozing mess of infections. Finding worms beneath. Thin, white worms. That only seemed to multiply the more I tried to dig them out. Thankfully, however, my return is Clean, pardoning the sewer factor. Clean of infections. Clean of wounds. Clean of even scars...

Pardoning the one that lays over my returned-to-beating heart.

His Mark.

A Black Rot(?).

Even now, it burns.

Almost as hot as my mind. An altered mind... flawlessly seamed to His Will.

For I have a purpose back here, you see. And its one that I will enjoy immensely.


Do take a guess.

A wild STAB in the dark, as it were.

See if you make something bleed.

And as for you, Shooter... please do come and find me. I look forward to seeing you again.


  1. Replies
    1. ...You do realize that it is a wonder that I can type at all, yes? My Mind is a far stretch then it used to be. I will ATTEMPT to write a bit longer, like I used to. Just for you. But you'll have to be patient with me.

    2. I'm just concerned at what the Aliens might have done to that wonderfully Linguistic mind of yours.

    3. Oh, trust me, my friend. It's a concern of mine as well. But I cannot help it if my thinking is much more... clouded. Than it was. Comes slower. Like images pulling from a fog.

      Shooter has been trying to help me.

  2. Anything you want to say about your purpose here? You mentioned it last post, but not in much detail.

    1. I did request you to take a guess. Humor me.

    2. OK, but this is a wild guess. Plague Doctor wants Redlight? Or possibly Morningstar?
      I mean, the plaguebearers have taken an interest in the Redlit. May be a link...

    3. Congratulations, sweetpea. You win a cookie. Sort of. Half a cookie.

  3. Greeeeat another oldie I HAVE no idea about, but whatever, I never did care about the past that much. I do know that SOMEONE (Can't remember who) mentioned you a few times.

    But I'm babbling, nice to meet you Nightscream, hope you're fun.

    1. Those who fail to understand the past are doomed to repeat the mistakes therein. But of course, that's a good way to get ME rambling. Considering I used to be a high school history teacher before I was a proxy.

      The pleasure is all mine, Kelevra, I'm sure.

    2. That may have been me.

      The state of affairs on this side of the Atlantic, as I know them at least, would not be what they are now if not for Nightscream and a few other 'oldies' who are no longer with us... and a smaller few who still are.

    3. I don't like to live in the past and dwelve too far into the future, I'm all about the present.

    4. @Fracture: Ah, yes. The bounty for my Death. Just how do you plan on handling that one, sweetheart? Am I still on? Off? Dead? Alive? Sorry to make matters so complicated on that little hit list of yours.

      @Kelevra: Living in the present is a good way to get hit in the face by a basketball, you know.

    5. It's also a good way to bounce back and kill the guy that threw the basketball at you.

    6. Past, present and future are all equally important. You have to think about what an opponent has done, what they are doing, and what they may soon do.

      Otherwise you don't know that a guy has deadly aim, good skills.... and then you go up and taunt him, and you'll get fucking nailed in the head.