Monday, September 16, 2013

Grotesquery Conceiled

"In the shadows of my gallow,
I'd rather absent the hallow."

(For) thy presence made pleasure of pain,
(and) thy madness turned sanity into vain.
Profoundly wicked owner of soul,
the mysteries of thy creation beheld by ghouls.

Diabolically disguised heavenly bodies,
(and it's) atrociously desired primordial elements,
plunging through the confused heart of sulfur.
In all this darkness, how can man see?

"Poor misguided fool...
It is not God you are talking to!
I am not impostrous, hiding behind pearly walls.
However, I am still yet to be found known,
I shall guide you on your midnight ride, as the sun fades black.
(And) beyond your grotesque imagination,
My name will be revealed...
The blood of Christ can't heal your wounds,
give Me all of yours, and I'll give you Mine..."

I am the hidden fantasy!
In the secret of my knowledge,
There is no God, but me!

In this shadowy world, all are nameless.
Outstanding, dressed in majestic splendor,
Touched by the flames of eternal fire.
How I long for your embrace, uttermost desire...


  1. Well, you had me convinced for a couple of days.

    But you're really not him.

    1. You know what, Banks? If you know me so damn well, let me ask YOU something. Why didn't you hear the SCREAMING with which I wrote every single one of my last posts? Why didn't you see how DEEP I'd fallen? Did you really just not notice? Or were you that desperate to believe everything was fine, that you IGNORED it?

    2. I see.

      You're going to hold me responsible for this now?

      Really, I can blame myself much better. I have reasons that are actually plausible.

      Why didn't I hear the screaming? I did. Sam would know this. Would know how much I stayed awake at night until he fell asleep. How every single action I made was a way to ease his suffering. I heard it. I knew. And towards the end...

      Perhaps I did let myself hope. Or perhaps part of me knew that there was nothing left I could do. Sam was smart you know. A master manipulator. Only an outsider would think that things were obvious when he had something to hide.

      In other words, I am very angry with you right now. Not only do you try to impersonate a great man, give me false hope about his return, rope Morningstar into this, but now you try to /guilt/ me?

      I guess I should have expected that. classic deflection. But too classic. Too rough. You're trying hard sweetie, but you aren't him.

      And when I find you and rip the arms from your sockets, we'll have proof won't we?

    3. If you are going to do something. Do it. Stop talking about it and get over here so I can finally kill you. Otherwise you have nothing else to say.

    4. Working on it, lovely. Tracking does take some time. And if I have to monologue like a B movie villain, it might as well be before we actually meet. Less distractions.

    5. If this is what it must come to, then so be it. I have purpose here, David. Friendly as we were, you're not getting in my way. Not this time.

      Come and get me. Sweetheart.

    6. Little tip honey?

      playing the friend card only gets you so far.

      Overuse it, the value lessens.

      Which you'd know if we were actually friends. Funny how that works.

    7. Jesus fuckin' Christ, so much Bitching and Moaning, I'm sorry, but were you two married in the past?

      And was Skywalker your illegitimate son?

    8. Anakin gets it from HIS side of the family, I assure you.

  2. Shouldn't that be concealed? With an 'A'?