Monday, September 9, 2013

My Dearest Friends...

It feels SO good to be back!

I think we can all agree it has been far FAR too long.

But you're confused, right? I don't blame you. After all, the last you all heard from me, it was in a dribbly suicide note. Sad words from a sad mind. Convoluted and torn. But, I assure you, that's all behind me now. I'm doing better than I have in a very long time!

All by the Grace of The Plague Doctor.

Because sometimes... one has to die. Before they can live again.

After my death, He Held Me In His Castle. Rot and pus and  mucus. Hot with fever and soiled in infections. All amongst the rock. But Plague... must not have liked Redlight's Minions in His Castle. Cause not long after I was biting and clawing at that Black Woman who felt like a blur of RED... I woke up. In a sewer. Charming, right?

I'm back, my friends.

Now, isn't that a reason to smile?


  1. a friend of davids is a friend of mine.... BUT NO TRUST

    1. A friend you can't trust is little more than an enemy you want to keep an eye on. I assure you, I mean no one here any harm. My purpose here is much grander than that.

  2. Short post, huh... and for a teacher I'm seeing some grammar issues in there. Odd.

    But I suppose I shouldn't be critical. You're back from the dead after all. Certainly isn't a feat that lends to you being at 100%.

    1. Thank you, sweetheart. You're ever so kind. My mind has been a little... fuzzy... I'll explain later.