Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Gotta admit, it's strange looking backwards. Stranger still even looking into the mirror. I've changed much over the years, more so than any of you even realize.

Mostly because I couldn't talk about it.

Not that I didn't want to.

But couldn't.

I'm sure many of you understand that kind of strangle hold. Not exactly an unheard of concept in this whole affair. But... there was a Plan in place. Ever since I entered this "Community", there's had to be a Plan. A Plan to Be Nightscream. A Plan to stop Redlight from messing with my head. A Plan to save Dr. Marsh. A Plan to storm Eden and stop Doomsday... and, at the end of it all, there's really so little to say. Every day in this life, knowing the truths we know, a day passes with the impact of a year or more on the Norms. All of them blessedly ignorant to all the tears. The screams. The loss and boiling anger and the truest grip of despair at the darkest hour of the night...

It's tempting to hate them for it, isn't it? Wanting so bad to change BACK into something we can't even picture in our heads anymore. Can't even see in the mirror.

We changed. Because we had to.

Adapt or Die.

Run. Or Die.

That's how it was always played. Not that long ago, that's how it was Played. The Game. Not what the Overpowered, Narrow-Minded Idiots standing tall on masses of bodies at the top of their assorted Cults called "The Game". But the TRUE Game. The one without self-proclaimed "Angels" and Pale Men and Afflicted and Crafters and Witches and throngs of Mindless Servants prepared to kill and be killed. The One Game... with only two elements:

The Hunter.

The Prey.

Run, run, as fast as you can.

Something has been going wrong over the last year or more. Something that took a while for me to notice. And, from what I can tell, no one else sees it yet.

But you will.

I can't talk about it. Not yet. It's not safe to.

Just open your eyes, and maybe you'll see it for yourself.

Just... open your eyes.

No... new update on Redlight. Just keeping my head level and going through the usual bullshit to try to find him. Considering how he looked when I last remember seeing him, it'll take him a LONG while to recover. So he's hiding. Just hiding...

But if The Harbinger gets away from the Attendants. If he finds Redlight before I do...

My god, what a mess.

Only thing I'm thankful for right now is Max. Don't know where I'd be without him, which sounds so damn stupid to say, but it's true. He lets me not think. Which is... really wonderful. Really.

I'll update soon.


  1. Glad you found some calm in the storm.

    Not so glad your eyes are open. Dangerous way to live.

    1. I'm hanging in, no worries. More than a little... worse for the wear but I'll manage it. Things can always get worse. Might as well not bitch about what hand you're dealt, right?

      Heh. I think 'Dangerous' has defined my life since I got myself involved. We can't always pick and choose what we want to accept and ignore in life, eh?

  2. Alex, I found one of the 'books' you were looking for.

    1. Heh. It's all about who you know.

      I'll shoot you my location.