Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Friends and Old Ones.

My most humble apologies for dropping off the face of the planet, but I found myself otherwise occupied in several different ways. Not only have I been lending my assistance in solidify details concerning a Third-Possible-Redlight-Host. Not only have I spent endless hours honing my skills back as they should be. Both on my own... as well as against Tiger. Against Star. Against David. Not only all that...

But the Nightmares have started again.

I thought I had left them behind. I thought I'd escaped that Plague in favor of His Own. The Plague that has gone dormant deep down inside of this body of mine... waiting for the time when my duty here is complete and it bubbles to the surface once more. When I'm... drawn back to The Castle. The... rats...

Perhaps this is a gift from the Black Queen.

Her last laugh for killing her.

For that was when it began again. That was when I started bolting up awake at night. Covered in a cold sweat. Feeling like my heart was about to break my ribcage apart. Throat raw and dry. Feeling her blood and guts all up my arms. Each pulse and quiver and....

I have killed many in my life.

It should be a simple act by now.

But I suppose this is what becomes of soldiers who cross that line. Who are shoved into the darkest, twisted parts of their minds and left to ROT in the blood and bile there. Those... who lose the stomach for all this... lose... the nerve to slaughter by the hundreds. To rip out intestines as if removing the stuffing from an old, broken toy. To hear the screaming. The pleads.

Quite honestly... I leave the room when the Others start playing with whatever poor soul they dragged in.

I suppose it's... too familiar.

But I don't have to get into that, do I? No, it's been gone over enough. And it's not pity that I want. Revenge is all I care for. All I NEED to accept my suffering. So long as I can DRIVE that son of the BITCH to his knees... so long as I can make him FEAR for what is in store for him.... I can return to the Castle. I'll have justice. Or at least the closest thing to it in this life.

I don't have to kill by the scores anymore. I just have one life to take. I know others will fall between now and then but... I have nothing to prove.

I have nothing...  to prove.

Not to my old friends.

And not you.

Oddly, I've found support... in an unexpected soul. Someone I never really paid much attention to before.


I don't know why - whether it was something he sensed, like Star says he can - but he knocked on my door one night. I was awake anyway. Just sitting and thinking. Not really caring to try my luck at sleeping. So I didn't mind it at all when he took a chair and sat with me. Talked with me. Well, I talked. He wrote. Kind of odd, having a conversation with a mime, but dare I say it, he's the sanest of all of us here. Or at least the most level headed. He's written me pages about where he comes from. What growing up was like. When he saw Slender Man the first time. How he became a Proxy. Why.

I remember... once going on a rant. Right before I thought I was going to die from The Plague Doctor's Will. Going on about... how Proxies are at the end of their stories. How, no matter how twisted they are, they are still human. And no one has the right to steal that from them. Their humanity. They've had everything else stolen from them. Why you Runners insist on taking away the one thing that could perhaps earn you a hesitation from them - maybe even the MERCY of a quick death - is well beyond my understanding.

Then again, a lot of things seem to be beyond my understanding these days.

I'm not the Proxy I used to be.

But then again... I'm well past the End of my Story, aren't I?

Perhaps, at this point, all I am is a Ghost.


  1. "Their humanity. They've had everything else stolen from them. Why you Runners insist on taking away the one thing that could perhaps earn you a hesitation from them - maybe even the MERCY of a quick death - is well beyond my understanding."

    That so? At risk of sound bitter, since I am making efforts to hold onto humanity for dear life, let me enlighten you.

    1) Some runners insist on taking it away from proxies - thus you will hear about them. But not all.

    2) Was everything taken from proxies? Or did they give it up?

    3) Why, to you, does this same sentiment not seem to apply to all servants?

    1. 1) It is very much a majority now, though. I blame the war.

      2) Bit of both. Those that don't give everything up have it taken, and more besides.

      3) I'm fairly sure children of the cold have lost their humanity. Maenads, too, kimda. (Best to ask Maddy because I've never actually met one)

      That a sufficient set of answers to your questions? My point of view, It'll be interesting to see Nightscream's.

    2. Minxie? What are you here arguing about Humanity? You have long lost that, I mean yes, you're a human, but that's just a shell. What's inside is a real monster and my dear, you ARE that monster, you just don't know it yet.

      Besides, talking about humanity? Who are we to talk about that? All of us are animals, WAY past the point of "Human" and I honestly think that's for the best, I mean have you took a look at the world recently? I'm glad I'm only human on the outside.

    3. Kelevra.

      I've seen you before.

      Not you, exactly. But who you think you are. One like you. As there have been millions in this Game way back til the beginning of time... who are you. Just another face. Just another name. The same people spouting the same garbage about being better than humanity. That 'monster' was an upgrade. A compliment. And, perhaps, the cold truth is that it is better to be a monster. After all, monsters don't get lonely. Monsters don't feel pain. They don't feel the sting of betrayal. The depths of misery. The slow drag of suffering. They don't understand sympathy. And aren't capable of looking at a Target... and realizing that they're looking into a mirror. Monsters don't have family. Friends. And therefore are not forced into watching them suffer. Fade. Die. Monsters are born for darkness and solitude. They thrive in chaos and horror, with no need to ask 'why'. Or, maybe, 'why not'. Perhaps it is "good" to be that numb. Humans (the species) willingly toss away pieces of their own humanity day after day after day. Just a Normal day in a Normal Life. Turning themselves bitter and cold in order to get one step higher up the ladder. Turn on the news and you see it. But for all your scoffing about the state that Humans create for themselves in this world, Kelevra... you'd think you'd try to do something more than just be yet another asshole.

      'Humanity' doesn't refer to a state of physical being. But rather mental. To not... forget who you are. Where you came from. Who you knew. And who knew you. To not forget that you ARE human. And no "evil" deed can alter that. It's all just lines in the sand. Just shuffling stones, until they all look the same...

      All just... different kinds of human.

      Luke Cyphre/Morningstar: a cannibalistic nutcase of a Human. Who would have thrown himself in front of train to protect his Team. His own "family" that he never really had anywhere else.

      David Banks: a rapist bastard of a Human. Another link in a long chain of domination and suffering. Yet. Fought tooth and nail to be with someone he loved. Insisting creation was possible. Even amongst chaos and despair.

      And even "Sam Freeman": A child-murdering, manipulative fucker of a Human. Who made a bad habit of wrapping a protective wing over a select few. Who took the most risks in the most dangerous of situations. Because someone had to.

      Runners, from any Fear.
      Servants, from any Fear.

      Every one is Human. Every one of them has a history that made them who they are. What they are. Every one made choices. Crossed lines. Laid wide awake at night, only to suddenly realize tears run down their face, though they're not sure when they started. Every one of them has lost someone who's death drove a blade into their chests and twisted. Every one of them... wonders every once in a while... what it would have been like If.


      So many sleepless nights. Over such a tiny word. If.

      Isn't that right, Kelevra?

      That mess you've bottled up inside. That confusion and pain that you cover over with a smile and the label of "Monster" across your chest. It'll get out, eventually. Something will trigger it. And then one of two things will happen.

      You will either lose your mind completely.

      Or you will find it.

      After all... I've seen you before.

    4. Kelevra you don't fucking KNOW what I am. I'm human, all of me, I swear I am, please please stop reminding me I am not. Why do you hate me??? I'm not your bitch so FUCK OFF.

    5. "That mess you've bottled up inside" What mess? No, honestly, enlighten me. You say such wise things, but honestly, who are you to say how anything works? Hm? Oh sure you may have seen people similar to me come and go, but you haven't seen me, you haven't known me, quite frankly the only person who knows me, is me.

      For some reason you make the same mistake, everyone makes who I talked to, what makes you think I am of this world? Is there a law that says we are humans? Were we truly humans from the beginning, hm? Maybe we were monster, hm? There is no answer to that, only our own perception of reality, the way we see things.

      It's the same conversation I had with Philly a couple of months ago, he constantly tried to prove to me that I am insane, psychotic, messed up, but he isn't me, he doesn't know me, just like I don't know him and just like I don't know Minxie. He says I'm insane, I say I simply think differently from him. All I ever say is an assumption, a big ginormous assumption, Minxie might say she isn't a monster, but in my eyes a blood thirsty monstrosity. And that begs the question, if she was really human, why does she bother even paying attention to what I say, answer, because there is truth to what I say, that truth hurts her, or amuses her (Not quite sure which one.)

      To you, I have come and gone, but I'll tell you now, that you have never seen me. And we won't agree with each other's statements, because you can't really change the way a person thinks of something, no matter how hard you try.

      Example: I have done nothing but save Minxie (Except the poisonous Skittles part.), I never tortured her, I never harmed her, the only thing I did was express what I see in her. Oh she denied and fought against that opinion, but, through time she just contradicted herself, just like she is doing now. I don't know her, but I do make assumptions and they seem to be hitting in the bulls eye.

      So in short, this is my world and I see things the way I see them and there isn't anything that's going to change that, so if I say that Minxie is just a fire of monstrous fury, just waiting to burst out, that's the way I see her and that isn't changing, same for you and anyone else.

      As or the mess that is bottled up inside of me? That I'm hiding everything with a smile, proves further that you don't know me, I do experience moments of melancholy, I feel love towards my darling, I feel anger towards those who insult my darling, I feel, but feeling doesn't mean you're not a monster. You think Marshmallow doesn't feel anything when he's ripping apart some poor sap, nah, he feels enjoyment and I hardly think that Marshmallow is human.

      Just because you feel, doesn't mean you're human.

    6. Kelly... Dear Sweet, Mummified, Hopelessly insane Kelly... What makes you think Father feels anything? What is feeling? It is a rush of chemicals through the brain, triggered by electrical impulses. Nothing more. Father has no brain. No chemicals. No electrical impulses. Father is not a physical being. That form you see has mass, density... But it is not physical. It is merely the closest thing your puny mortal brain can comprehend to Father's true magnificence.

      Defying Time, Space, Physics, Matter, Gravity... Defying all reason and logic... Something truly beautiful.

      It is interesting though Kelly. You are trying to put yourself above Humanity... When you are simply nothing more than a delusional human with your invisible little hallucinatory Girl Friend. You are mentally trying to put yourself on the level of Father by giving him your human qualities. Sadism, desire for pain and destruction. Father is not Sadistic, he has no desire... He simply is. He does what he does because he IS. Can you comprehend that Kelly?

      Not likely... Your mind is diseased, not unlike mine used to be. Obviously I am wasting my breath but... I just want you to know how pathetic you really are Kelly. A simple, useless mortal, with an imaginary lover, trying to to turn a CHILD into a Sociopathic Murderer. And not doing a good job despite how malleable she is. Destruction is fun... But only if the destroyer is up to the challenge. You, I know, will fall woefully short. Heh. Still... Watching you fail will be great for a laugh. Keep at it Mummy Man. Ultimately, your own Human Nature will be your downfall.

    7. Damn right he's not making me into a sociopathic murderer. I will KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU BEFORE I LET YOU MAKE ME A PSYCHO MURDERER!! I'll NEVER play your game. Morningstar and Kelevra. Because I will SLASH YOUr THRoATS and SHIT IN THE FISSURE. I'll do that with ALL OF THOSE FUCKERS.

    8. HEY Star. Fuck you. You claim your Master has no human attributes when he chooses to fucking manifest as a human. A faceless one. But still.

    9. Why does Kelevra's little speech sound so familiar?

      Oh right. Because I said it once. To Nightscream even, if I remember correctly.

      Well, minus assuming I know anything about what the slender man feels. Even I'm not that arrogant.

    10. David! You're not arrogant. No one here is arrogant. Just very very human. People are only going to argue for something that supports what they do. Star's going to say humanity is evil to justify torturing the shit out of us. Kelevra's going to say destruction is the only way to go to justify killing the shit out of everything. Because it's the worldview that lets them do the stuff they want to do. They're human, so they don't want to be seen as indulgent hypocrites. Who does? It's hard for them to see their personalities as a product of their behaviours. That's just how they are.

      When I get crazy, like a few hours ago, I have this little conversation with myself:
      "Why am I a psycho?"
      "Because you kill people."
      "Why do I kill people?"
      "Because you're a psycho."
      "Why am I a psycho?"
      "Because you kill people."
      and so on.

      That is their train of thought, that circular reasoning, round and round the little train goes and they will never see the flaws in their logic. Now to sit back and wait for them to tell me a little psycho girl has no decent insight into the human psyche, what's more is, they would be correct.

    11. If that is so Skywalker, even though I know you won't respond, because you probably feel that you have made your point, but I must address this. How do you know that Marshmallow doesn't feel anything? Hm?

      I seriously doubt that just because you're a piece of black goo, it gives the understanding of what Marshmallow is, because if it does, then you just contradicted yourself. You say it is illogical, but you seem to know more about Marshmallow than I, yet you are a logical creature, sure biologically you make no sense, but so does my jacket.

      So you don't really know if Marshmallow feels anything, or not, it is only a theory, a "what if" game and it is rather, quite pointless.

    12. Let me lay out your arguments in simple terms so I can get more amusement out of you guys.

      Sam's argument:
      1) Monsters don't have human emotions.
      2) All humans have demonstrated or will demonstrate emotion.
      3) Therefore, no human can call themselves a monster.

      Kelevra's counterargument attacks Premise 1 of Sam's argument in what can be summarised as this:
      1) The slender man is a monster.
      2) The slender man has feelings.
      3) Therefore, monsters can have feelings.

      Morningstar has attacked Premise 2, with something to the effect of:
      1) The slender man is transcendent (beyond reality and physics.) Empirical (within reality) concepts don't apply to it.
      2) Emotions are empirical concepts.
      3) Therefore, it cannot have emotions.

      Impressive logical from all. Please let me know if I have misrepresented anyone's argument. But no backpedalling. God help you if I catch you backpedalling.

    13. "The Slender Man has feelings."

      Good God. All this time, and the answer was right in front of us.

      The solution to stopping all the chaos and murder that is this Living Nightmare... is to gather all the Runners and Servants together...

      And have everyone put twenty dollars in a pot to pay for therapy sessions for our great Tall One.

      That is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Give yourself a pat on the back for that one, Kelevra. You've saved us all.

      Bloody Idiot.

    14. Kelly. Sweet Kelly. I already answered this. What are emotions? Chemicals and Electric Impulses in the brain. Nothing more, nothing less. As I have been told, my form mimics this behavior of the brain so that my mind remains fairly stable. Logical Mind in an Illogical Form. But Father... He predates this concept. Logic. Emotion. Evolution. He has no Brain, he has no heart, he is being of instinct and omniscience. The Attendants are proof of this, due to their very nature. Shards and discarded energy, cast aside by Father and the other GODS. They have an understanding of emotion and humanity... Generally. They can even mimick it, but the truth is... They are older than that. They have no biology. Just physics characterized by being utterly alien. By breaking every known law of physics.

      Mostly because physics is a creation of them. Father, the Gods, The Attendants. Kelly... Do you know what that means?

    15. Wait wait wait. Star.

      I don't understand.

      If you exist outside the laws of physics, why is the discussion of a transcendent existence even valid? Creation and logical takes place within dimensions. To transcend such limitations leaves one without existence. Your master is demonstrably of this realm, conforming to basic laws such as existence, thus by its very nature it is impossible for it to be transcendent. To be transcendent, means you must transcend. Not have a few party tricks.

      Ugh. I've changed my mind about you and Kelevra. Sam, you're the only one here who logics. Well done.

    16. Hang on a sec. Does that make sense? Because what star was saying is that slendy doesnt exist in this reality, he just has incursions upon it. Ithink. Which wouldn mean that the slednerman is just a way for our minds to unerstand something that, due to the transendence bullshit, we can't comprehend. Meaning star is wrong, but not inconsistent with his logic.

    17. Yes, he is inconsistent. In a very endearing way.

      Incursions are a concept of space and time. They require space and time. Beyond reality is no space, and no time, for such things.

      To perpetrate incursions, one must exist within space and time. This is the medium through which such attacks take place. Let's assume you are a snowflake in a snowglobe. What conclusion would you come to, about the world outside that snowglobe? Think about it logically and it will click.

      As an addendum, let's say you create a glass bowl, fill it with water, and put some fish in the bowl. Within that bowl, it is wet and oxygen must be extracted from the water. The "laws" are different, and the whole process was caused by yourself. But could you climb into that goldfish bowl and communicate with the fish? Nope. You exist beyond that bowl. You won't fit in the bowl. If you try to climb into it, and your sheer weight and power would shatter it... assuming you are truly that powerful. Pfft.

      I may take this a step further and say that Morningstar is arguing for a personal being. From various accounts, we can conclude that it has some kind of will, some kind of motivation. It chooses to hollow people. It chooses to attack people. It chooses to eviscerate people. Call it instinct, or call it a reasoned out decision - there is no ignoring that these has beens could not have been after all, had it simply chosen not to attack.

      Its seemingly erratic behaviour makes it difficult to account for its existence and actions being a law within its own right -- in a sense, Kelevra's supposition that the Slender Man has emotions may not be entirely unfounded!

    18. On theother hand, going back to the fishbowl example, you could, like , dip a hand into the bowl. To the fish, that wouldn'tfollow the rules, wouldn't be ont he same level as them. So maybe the slendereman as we know her is a part of something bigger.

      Also, hollowing andproxyfying may not be a choice at all. Like, becoming a proxy happens because you don;t reject azoth, rght? and so it would follow that it is a passive effect of being in an area with azoth, IE around slenderman. As opposed to an active choice. I think. Maybe not. Nonetheless. eviserating wouldn't wotrk like that so I digress.

      HOWEVER. emotions aren't intrinsic to tto life. Slendy could be a philosophical zombie ( that's right, I don't just misapply physics, I got a whole plethora of subjects!). Like, not thinking opn any level (no emothions) but reActing to stimuli in a manner consistent with one who has emotions, high level thought processes etc. We can't, asoutside observes, tell the difference. I a similar manner, we can't tell if slenderman has emotions, instincts or simple pre[programmed responses. I think. Is there, like, a test if stuff has emotions? That doesn't involve calling the worlds ballsiest therapise to have a chat with thin lizzie?

    19. Just because Father can exist, doesn't mean that he has to.

      The Bowl Metaphor is pointless because you are incorrect. Father CAN climb into "the Bowl" and communicate with us "Fish." Weight has no meaning whatsoever for Father. Nor does Mass, and furthermore the bowl isn't made of something remotely like glass. Though I already explained the one difficulty Father had when entering reality, as well the solution. He fits, because he wills it. Because the laws of physics do not apply to Father.

      You keep applying human concepts to him. Don't be morons. His entire existence spits in the face of Science and Philosophy. The thing you need to keep in mind is that no Law applies to Father. He has no rules. He is Chaos incarnate. They all are.

      Actually... That makes it hilarious when I read about these Runners who are trying to figure out how he works. What laws apply to him... It is all so very pointless... HA. One day, Electricity seems to cause him pain... The next? Not a reaction. Sometimes Magnets work. Sometimes they don't. There is no reason for it, there is no rhyme, no pattern... Just unmitigated change and chaos.

      But what would chaos be without change... What if Chaos developed rules for itself to abide by. Not Rules as in Laws mind you. More like... The Rules of a Great Game.

    20. If skinny is capital C chaos, is that consistent? Is it always chaos> or conly when it feels like it. Can it feel? How does it decide what laws affect irt without all those chemical processes you mentioned earliir?
      And, you know, you keep saying noone can unnerstand hit. You're someone. Quit coming up with you theories about von neumann and trying top ass it odf as gospel. Doesnt suit you.

    21. And then, part of you would exist within the fishbowl and that part would be bound by the laws of said fishbowl.

      "reacting to stimuli consistent with one who has emotions"
      Do you acknowledge that this makes the notion of the Slender Man having emotions more probable?

      "emotions aren't intrinsic to life"
      Agreed, though if interpreted as purely a chemical state as advocated by Star, then they are at least very, very very relevant!

      Have we not had examples of azoth itself having emotions? If what the Slender Man is made of has emotions, could we not argue that the Slender Man **defined as a sum of its parts** has emotions?

      If it is a pre-programmed response, which it may well be, I am not entirely sure why Morningstar defines it as a.... this word I truly hate in all its forms....... "God". Morningstar argues for omniscience. What is omniscience? The state of limitless knowledge. What is knowledge? A term for our understanding, processing and utilisation of information. Awareness. To be pre-programmed doesn't imply this, not that it has to. But surely with Morningstar's interpretation of it as an omniscient being, decisions on what to do with this omniscience surely come into play.

      What are decisions governed by? Cognitive process, which is determined by: reason, memories, emotions, law of good form, problem-solving, intuition, so on and so forth. If something is capable of decision making, it has a cognitive process. In terms of the monster making decisions such as to hollow or kill someone in the manner that this monster does, it is reasonable to assume its cognitive process is comparable to that of a human. And before you mention it, no - I make NO statements on whether it makes rational or irrational decisions. What's relevant is that it appears to make decisions.

      So we can laugh at Kelevra, but there is a deeper basis in what he's saying.

      As for how to find out, I might just put my ass on the line for it one day. For now I'm content to theorise, however shitty I may be at it.

    22. "He fits, because he wills it. Because the laws of physics do not apply to Father."

      Space and time are laws of psychics confined to this universe Star. If I stab you to death with a knife, which I would LOVE to do, it takes time and space for this to happen. Milliseconds (time dimension) for the knife to move through the three spatial dimensions.

    23. Couldn't onw say that tje very mature of omniscience would lead to losspf neaningful decisionmakimg? After all, you know the fiture consequences of every avtion, you won't take any action thar ian't optimsl. So you'd be constrainsd by knowledge.

      Also, omniscience means knowing what others qill do. Whoch precludes free will.

    24. "Couldn't onw say that tje very mature of omniscience would lead to losspf neaningful decisionmakimg? After all, you know the fiture consequences of every avtion, you won't take any action thar ian't optimsl. So you'd be constrainsd by knowledge."

      Or enriched by it, depending on whether the future is a subjective thing or not.

      "Also, omniscience means knowing what others qill do. Whoch precludes free will."

      No, I'm pretty sure you could do whatever the fuck you wanted if, as Star is saying, those boundaries do not apply to you.

      OK, I hope I'm playing in the safe part of the court because I don't want to make Morningstar angry, except I do, but like mostly I don't. Actually, I want to make him angry, but not have the consequences that come with it.

    25. You could do whatever you want, but youd have peple woh already kbew that. Therefor ehatever thefuck youd eant to di was alreadt decided. Every decision you make must be premade. Rails that dont nedx ro exist to constrIn yoi

    26. Off topic, I was pondering. If I train for the exact same amount of time as Morningstar, would I be exactly as strong as him and have a better chance of killing him?

    27. Given that one of thetwo is pretty much invincible & made of murderyat, no. Unless you convincehim to fight a diel in a volcano. That could work.

    28. If I train for the same amount of time as him, would I have a better chance of staying alive if he drops by?

    29. Sprints. That's what I did in school. And high jump. I LOVED high jump.

    30. sprints are proabably for the best. I f you can keep it up long enough, changing direction at random when hespathing. akes it harer for him to atch you, so hopefully he gets bored To b honest Id recccommend keeping a low profile; youand maddie. Cause if I can find you through birdwatchingforums, other people can. Granted, there are a lot of junk reports by siome ruggedlyhandsome stranger with too much time on his hands, but its not reliable. keep the bbirds in check, change your appearance (dressing anda cting as a halloed works will) and keep movingcitytocitytocity. when it comes to a direct fight; itd be like me and kelevra, best to not let that happen. andsave one bullet.

    31. You've found me through birdwatching forums? What do they say about me? How do you know it's me?

    32. Maddie. Nestin general. They tend to follow birdsmovingoddly. Like, see[ping. RADAR type thing, but different. 'Cause of surveillance. Most people don't pick up on it, but I figured ifa nyone, it'd be birdwatches. Or, like biologists, but they don't have forums. How'dyou think I found you in telford?

      Don't know its you, but theres a nest there, gives fairly good odds. Either MAddie, Everest, or the other one./ I bet on worse offd every day

    33. Are you shitfaced, high, or injured?

    34. All of the above?two of the above. not imoptant.

    35. And you say I need someone to lean on! We need like mutual leanings.

    36. yeah. We're all a litttle fusked up. aLL need sonething, someone to lean opn. i hadspmeone to lean on. had to leave het. because the best case scenario, the fuckihg best case scenario, was that she tried to kill me because some fucked upo petty shamed god got pissy.

      so yeah. reckon tht ship sailed.

    37. shit, didm't mean fr that to get so emoionl. sorry

    38. Well... fuck. I'm sorry about that. I didn't realise it was that bad.

      Hard to say if "a litttle fusked up" does us screwed up peeps justice. We're all quite "fusked up". By a load of "duck bags".

    39. I try ot to talk about it. aint nobody needs to worry abour my emotionsbbut me

      and to be honest, a littlr fucked up seems about righyt. mostof you aren't beyond repait yet. repairs probably a bad word. no going back, but maybe forward? if that makessense.

    40. Dropping me in a volcano would be VERY inadvisable. Not for me, mind you. For the Volcano.

      You keep making assumptions and IGNORE what I am saying. He fits in the fishbowl because he wills it. He is NOT bound by it's rules and can leave the fishbowl, change the shape of the fishbowl and it's contents while in it. He can even carve out little chunks of the fishbowl to call his own. He inhabits space and time, but is not subject to the laws of either, as both can be manipulated by him.

      This is not a tone of Anger Sanna. This is one of deep ANNOYANCE at explaining shit to morons. And considering I just spent TWO FUCKING WEEKS SWIMMING IN THE STREAMS, I AM TO BE CONSIDERED A FUCKING EXPERT ON THIS.

      Or of course, this could be lies and misinformation. Yep. Father is totally vulnerable to Cold Iron. That is how you end this. Wack him with a Cold Iron Rod and he will die, and I will drop dead because of it. Promise.

    41. I don't WANT to whack him with cold iron. Not brutal enough.